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Join Saved For Real.Com

US Destiny.Com

Top Christian MySpace Page

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Bountiful Blessings

Bishop Charles E. Blake

Bishop Jerry L. Maynard

Tennesse 4th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction,C.O.G.I.C.

The Church of God in Christ,Inc.

Church of God in Christ's Links Page

Church of God in Christ's Directory

Fellowship Bible Church Nashville

Victorius Life Church

McLean Bible Church

Pastor Erwin McManus

Pastor Craig Groeschel

Christ the King Community Church

Pastor Joel V. Brown

Bishop Eric Garnes

Marcus Monroe Ministries

Pastor Efrem Smith

COGIC International Womens Department

COGIC Listening Room

COGIC International Sunday School Department

COGIC Missions

Apostle David Taylor

Pastors Consortium.Net

TBN's Address Book


Extreme Gospel Media.Com

Podium Records

Daystar Programming

Church Angel's National Church Directory

Net Ministry's National Church Search

Jeff Majors.Com

Rev. Gregg Patrick

Pastor John Ramsey Sr.


Overseer A. G. Mullen, Jr.

Pursuit of God Church/Salavation Revelation Min.

Pastor John Ogletree

Fellowship M.B. Church

New Mercies Christian Church

Robert Henderson Ministries

Winning In Life.Org

Pastor Jacob Pearman

God First Breakthrough Ministries

New Beginnings Church International

Harvest Church Plainfield

Prophet Todd Hall

Valley Kingdom Ministries

Kingdom Apostolic Ministries International

Northview Christian Church

Bishop Adrian Williams

Morning Star Baptist Church Ministries

Ann Hardman Ministries International

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church-Dr. William Sheals

Overcoming Church-Pastor Bruce Farr

Rev. Sammie D. Simmons

Preacher's Kids Connection

Citadel of Worship and Praise

Holy South.Com

New Life Christian Center Ministries

The Body of Christ Church International

Calvary Baptist Church of Baltimore

Dominion Christian Center International

Bridge Builders Church International

Elijah List.Com

Ex Ministries.Com

The Rock Family Worship Center

Harvest Life Changers.Com

Charles and Frances Hunter

Pastor Rickie G. Rush

Bishop Gary McIntosh

Apostle Skip Horton

Paula McGee.Org

Ty Adams Online

Vision of Life Ministries

Church Management and Tax Conferences

Memphis Houses of Worship

Sonja Perry Ministries

Yellow Pages.Com

The Christian Network of Memphis

Breakthrough COGIC

Save Africa's Children

Mega-Church Database

Larry Ollison's Faith Ministries Links Page

Word of Faith.Info

Agape Christian Faith Center

True Light Fellowship Church

Florida Baptist Convention

Discovery Church

Heaven 1580 AM

Heaven 1580 Links Page

Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Potters House Pastoral Alliance

God's Leading Ladies

Bishop Noel Jones

Bishop Eddie L. Long Ministries

Creflo Dollar Ministries

New Birth South

Rev. Leroy Thompson

Rev. William Shaw

Evangelist Jackie McCullough

Debbie Lassiter

Apostle Otis Lockett

Bishop Paul S. Morton

Bishop Clarence C. McClendon

Bishop William and Co-Pastor Dianne Young

Bishop Edwards Stephens

Bishop Brian Keith Williams

Prophetess Juanita Bynum

Prophetess Sharon Eiland

Pastor Shawn D. Smith

Pastor Ramson Mumba

Pastor John Jackson

Dr. Rudolph McKissick Jr.

Pastor Romalic Jones

Dr. Ronald E. Rolfe

Apostle Lee A. Taber

Prayer Tabernacle Ministries

Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries

Born Again Church

Mt. Zion Church Smyrna

Dr. Alyn E. Walker

US Black's Black Church Page

Pastor Torrance A. Markham, Sr.

True Gospel Tabernacle

First Ecc. Jurisdiction Southern California

Pastor Emmanuel Collins

Rev. Otis Moss III

Ted and Sheri.Com

Rev. Sherman Gordon

Elder William Allen

Bishop S.E. Iglehart

Fire Baptized Holiness Church

Pastor E. D. Richardson

Resurrection Family Church

Looking For a Blessing .Com

Superintendent Wallace K. Thomas

Bishop Marvin Pryor

Bishop Ocie Booker

Bishop Charles Brown

Pastor James Hayes

Pastor Darrell Shack

L.A. Artis Ministries

Living Expectantly Word Ministries

Voices of Faith Ministries

G 12 Harvest.Org

Dr. Jeremiah Wright

Diana Lyles Ministries

Bishop Jerry L. Maynard

Memphis Churches

Spirit of Faith Christian Center

Churches with Websites

New Life Christian Fellowship Church

Apostle John Wilson

Progressive National Baptist Convention

Lee Jenkins Financial Ministries

Pastor Maurice Watson

Bishop Arthur Brazier

Praise Power.Com

Pastor Dewayne Brewington

Bishop Walter Hawkins

E.K. Bailey Ministries

U.S.A. This Week Church Database

Nuthin But Gospel.Com

Dr. Frank Reid

Dr. Charles Stanley

Bishop Huie Rogers

Dr. Zachery Tims

Dr. Fred Price

Dr. I.V. Hilliard and Dr. Bridget Hilliard

Dr. H. Beecher Hicks

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer

Pastor Deron Cloud

Dr. A. R. Bernard

Bishop George Bloomer

Pastor Tony Evans

Kimberly Daniels Ministries

Dr. Patricia Bailey

Dr. Joseph Garlington

Pastor Ron Gibson

Dr. Floyd Flake

Pastor Ted Haggard

New Birth Baptist Church-Bishop Eddie Long

The Word Network

C-Faith's Ministry Directory

Pastor Dale Bronner

Pastors Tony And Cynthia Brazelton

Ministry Gifts Online

Black Christian.Com

Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies,Inc.

Dr. JohnBoyd

Pastor Ronnie Harrison

Church Directory for the U.S.

For Ministry.Com

Bishop J. Delano Ellis


Bishop Jim Earl Swilley

Pastor Wiley Jackson

Rev. Timothy Fleming

Bishop James Morton

Bishop Isiah Williams

Dr. Mason Betha

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

Rev. Jasper Williams

Bishop Luther Blackwell

Bishop Darryl Brister

Dr. Adrian Rogers

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Pastor Jamaal-Harrison Bryant

Bishop Victor T. Curry

Pastor Marcus Bishop

Salem Baptist Church of Chicago-Pastor James Meeks

Bishop Charles Ellis III

Bill Winston Ministries

Bishop Andrew Turner

Dr. Walter Thomas

Streaming Faith TV

Pastor Patrick L. Wooden

Alfred Street Baptist Church

Antioch Progressive Baptist Church

National Pastors Convention

Bishop Earl Paulk-The Cathedral at Chapel Hill

Deleon Sheffeild

Pastor Eastman Curtis

Hilton Sutton

Evangelist Reinhart Bonke

Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Roderick Hennings

Jabez Event.Com

Fellowship of Inner City Word of Faith Ministries

Bishop Parnell Lovelace Jr.

Pastor Remus Wright

Black Church Database

Bishop Kenneth Dupree

Bishop Keith Butler

Pastor Brian Zahnd

Mac Hammond Ministries

Pastor Larry Huch

Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Pastor Tommy Barnett

Pastor Dick Bernal

Pastor Joel Osteen

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt

Timberlake Ministries

Pastor Chuck Singleton

The House of God Inc.

Evangelist Jesse Duplantis

Pastor Robb Thompson

Dr. Kenneth Copeland

Pastor Benny Hinn

St Mark Church-Little Rock

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Pastor Ed Young

Alvin Slaughter Ministries

Pastor John Hagee

Pastor Casey Treat

Pastor Mike Purkey

The John Ankerberg Show

Pastor Billy Thompson

C. Peter Wagner

Prophet Kim Clement

Pastor Clint Brown

Dr. Mark Chironna

Pastors Billy Joe and Sharon Daughtery

Evangelist Sandra Riley

Dr. James Carrington

Ray of Hope Nashville

Bishop James Tyson

Dennis Burke Ministries

Rev. Cynthia Hale

Fairbanks Christian Center

Christ the Rock Metro Church

Rev. Kirk Franklin

Mary Mary

Pastor Jerry Black

Dr. Ralph West

Apostle Bill Anderson

Apostle Benjamin Smith

Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Rev. Freddie Haynes

Apostle Betty Peebles

Evangelist Jerry Savelle

Carman Ministries

Rev. Kenneth Hagin

Jack Van Impe

Bishop Jerome Stokes

Prophet Aubrey Shines

Bishop Clifford Frazier

Paula White Ministries

Bishop Tudor Bismark

Bishop Dennis Leonard

Ernestine Reems Ministries

Bishop Harold Ray

Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady

Bishop Thomas Weeks III

Apostle Bettie Williams

Bishop Frank Summerfield

The City Church-Seattle,Washington

Evangelist Joyce Rodgers

R.W. Scambach Ministries

Greg Laurie

Iona Locke Ministries

Pastor Beverly Bam Crawford

International Covenant Ministries

Redeemed Christian Church of God

Bishop David Oyedepo

Pastor Maria Gardner

Pastor Marvin Winans

Bishop Alfred Owens and Evangelist Susie Owens

Pastor Darrell Hines

Joseph Dixon

Church on the Move-Pastor Willie George

Bob Yandian Ministries

Bishop David Copeland and Evangelist Claudette Copeland

Pastor Randy Morrison

National Baptist Convention

Marilyn Hickey Ministries

Dr. Rodney Howard Browne

Greater Church of Philadelphia

Prophet Lynn Hiles

Francis Frangipane

Focus on the Family

Pastor Gary Oliver

Pastor Mike Hayes

Pastor Dennis Martin

Pastor R. J. Washington

Evangelist Rita Twiggs

Bishop Ernie Morris

Bishop Richard Mr. Clean White

AIM Convention-Church of God in Christ

Bishop Adrian Williams

Bishop Roy Winbush

Bishop P.A. Brooks

Bishop Nathaniel Wells

Bishop Samuel Green

Bishop Sedgewick Daniels

New Covenant Christian Ministries

Pastor Bob Jackson

Dr. Sammie Holloway

Apostle Bill Adkins

Bishop P. H. Smith

Pastor Mark Hankins

Bishop Leroy Bailey

Pastor Gina M. Stewart

Bishop Larry Trotter

Apostolic Church of God

Rev. Bernice King

Pastor Alfred Harvey

Pastor Gary Faulkner

Apostle A. R. Williams

Pastor L. Lasimba Gray

Dr. Lester Basken-Middle Baptist Whitehaven-Memphis

Pastor Brandon B. Porter

Pastor Stacey Spencer-New Direction Church Memphis

Dr. Grady Thomas

New Olivet Baptist Church-Pastor Kenneth T. Whalum Jr.

Pastor Charles Cowan

John Bevere Ministries

Dr. Anthony Jimwright

Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church

Jackson Memorial Baptist Church/Dr. Gregory Sutton

Centenary United Methodist Church

Apostle Sidney Malone

Saddleback Church

Willow Creek Church

Pastor Andrae Crouch

Bishop Terry Hornbuckle

Dr. Rickey Temple

Without Walls International Church

Wellington Boone Ministries

Pastor Donnie McClurkin

Bishop Orlando Wilson

Pastor Greg Powe

Pastor Michael Pitts

Pastor George Matthews

Bishop Bobby Hilton

Apostle Gilbert Coleman

Bishop Nate Holcomb

Bishop Horace Smith

Bishop Ralph Dennis

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Bobby Jones Gospel

Pastor Michael Freeman

John Avanzini

Charles Capps Ministries

Darlene Bishop Ministries

Bishop Andrew Merritt

Bishop John Gimenez and Pastor Anne Gimenez

Pastor Gregory Askew

Redemption World Outreach Center

Disciples of Christ Inc.

Church of God Cleveland

Dr. Robert Schueller

R. Messner Construction

Global Pastors Network

Pastor Ray Iglehart

Ben Tankard Ministries

Dr. W. James Thomas II

Rhema Ministries

Hal Lindsey Oracle

Sister Keepers Ministries

Pastor Roger Tatuem

Hour of Power Broadcast

Pastor Gary Taylor


Ministry Watch.Com

Guidestar Ministry/Non-Profit Database

Steven Ford Music Inc.

Minister Rodney Teal

Bishop Carl Robinson

Rev. Marvin Wiley

Southern Baptist Convention

Ron Kenoly Ministries

Rebirth Christian Fellowship

Van Crouch Ministries


Living Word Christian Center's Links

Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers

Cece Winans

Bishop John Francis

Pastor Clinton Utterbach

Church of the Harvest-Memphis

Mark Brazee Ministries

Billye Brim Ministries

Dr. Pat Francis

Pastor Joseph Ripley

Sisters United in Christ

Rev. Keith Moore

Mark Barclay

Joint Heirs Christian Center

Mario Murillo

James Robinson

Bishop Gentle L. Groover

Concord Baptist Church Dallas

Pastor Terrance Autry

First Baptist Church of Dallas

Pantego Bible Church

Rick Renner Ministries

Pastor Larry Millender

Soteria Christian Center

Spirit and Truth International Church

Pastor Tim Osborn

Pastor Richard Peoples

Light of the World Ministries Int.

Dr. Keith Priester

Philadelphia Ministries

Pastor Henry Roberts

Way of God Ministries

Pastor Joe Thomas

Pastor Derrick Thomas

Open Bible Ministries

Pastor Brian K. Watson

Pastor Anthony Wilson

Pastor Lawrence Powell


The Scripture Cathedral

Crown Financial Ministries

Dr. Sir Walter Mack Jr.

Dr. Charles Booth

Dr. Claude Alexander

Richard Smallwood

Rev. Wallace Charles Smith

Bishop David Evans

Pastor Errol Clay

Ray Barnard Ministries

Pastor Olleo L. Cromwell, II

Pastor Dana Grimes

Pastor Terrell Murphy

Pastor Darrell Jordan

Faith and Values TV

Dr. C.E. Glover

Bishop Mark Tolbert

Lively Stone

Cotton Mill Ministries

Dr. Ann Lightner Fuller

Juandolyn Stokes Ministries

Rev. Stephen Thurston

Broderick Rice

Broderick Rice's Get Your Laugh On Sampler

Evangel Cathedral.Net

Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson

Bishop E. D. Garnes

Pastor George O. Adebanjo

Pastor Jerry Barnard

Pastor Shirley Caeser

Solid Rock Ventura

Pastor Ernest Johnson

Windsor Village Methodist Church

Bishop Donald Hilliard

Bishop Shelton Bady

Frank and Bunny Wilson

Apostle John Eckhardt

Napoleon Kaufman

Peter Youngren

Pastor Danny Diaz

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher

Rivers of Life Christian Center

Bishop Harry Jackson

Dr. J. Garland Smith

Prosperity Unlimited

Joseph Jennings

Gregory Dickow Ministries

Denise Matthews.Com

Elder Tony Matthews

Bishop Charles Mellette

Chuck Swindall

Take 6.Com

Terry Cummings.Com

Pastor Phil Munsey

Pastor Larry Tomczak

Assemblies of God Official Site

Pastor Paul Zink

Pastor Kevin Adams

Dr. Dexter Easley

Bishop Bobby Hilton

Center of Hope International

Pastor Jason Alvarez

Dr. Aretha Wilson

Crossway Church

East Wind Christian Church

Central Church Collierville

Christ United Methodist

Pastor Chip Ingram

Life Church Memphis

Hope Presbyterian Church

Cathedral of Praise-Cordova,Tn

S.M. McCarter Ministries

Yahoo Yellow Pages' Memphis Churches

Smart Page's Memphis Churches

Norman Robertson Ministries

Dr. Gary Whetstone

Jesus is Lord Church

Dave Demola

The Williams Brothers

Tower of Faith Evangelistic Church

Cottonwood Christian Center

Pastor Ralph Moore

Cathedral Christian Center

Ministry Links

Dave Martin International

Pastor Brian Houston

Ron Phillips Ministries

Pastor Jack Hayford

Pastor Chris Calloway

Church Community.Com

Elizabeth Baptist Church

Mt. Vernon Baptist-Atlanta

Pastor P.L. Redmond

Bible Way Ministries

Pinecrest Baptist Church

Turner Chapel AME-Atlanta

Greenforest Community Baptist Church

Calvary Assembly of God

Tabernacle Ministries

First Baptist Church Decatur

Rehoboth Baptist Church

Pastor Richard Lee

Christ Fellowship Atlanta

Living Word Church of God in Christ

Victory World Church

Pastor Woodrow Walker

Bishop Phillip M. Davis

Loren Davis Ministries

Standard of Living Ministries

Agape Embassy Ministries

World Vision.Org

Dr. Daniel Scheaffer

New Life Baptist Church-Oklahoma City

Metropolitan Baptist Church-Oklahoma City

Marvin Sapp.Com

St. Sabina.Org

Training Millionaires.Com

Apostle Lobias Murray

Bishop E.L. Warren

Urban Youth Workers

Family Life.Com

Pastor Remus Wright

Lord's Tabernacle

Lifeline Community Church

Pastor Scott Morgan

Phil Driscoll Ministries

Pastor Dan Stratton


Generals of Intercession

Prophetic Links

Glory of Zion Links

Dala Alphonso.Org

Prophetic Links

Atlanta Christian Radio Stations

Faith Ministries Links' Page

Christian World Daily

Urban Church Planting

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions

Circle Urban Ministries

Nehemiah Urban Ministries

Crosswalk Directory

Turner's Faith Temple

The Miracle Channel

More Links

Dominion 1520 AM

Dixon International

HMTV Group

More Links

Christian Revival Links

May God Bless.Com

Church Growth Today

Congregational Resource Guide

Church Growth Institute

Apostle Lamorris S. Richardson

Ecclesia Word Ministries International

Apostle John Tetsola


Christian Best.Com

Christian Happenings.Com

Atlanta Christian Web

Ocala Word of Faith

The Journey Church of the City

The Springs.Org

Abundant Life COGIC

Women of Faith.Com

National Ministry Links








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Join Saved For Real.Com

US Destiny.Com

COGIC Memphis.Com

Stephen F Smith.Org

Top Links Page on the Web

Awesome Christian Links Page

Preach Stephen.Com

Preach Steve.Com

I Thank the Lord.Com

Showing Black.Com

COGIC Memphis.Com

Pentecostal Place.Com

My Black Event.Com

Online at Work.Com

One Hood.US

Blogging Black.Com

The Black Dollar.Info

Top Media Page on the Web

Gospel Tube.Com

Ministry Today Magazine

Related Churches.Com

Soul Mate Film.Com

My Secret.TV

Creative Pastors

Funny Sermons.Com

Lee Jenkins Financial Ministries

ALWE Entertainment


Southeastern University The Forum

Life on Loan.Com

Shelby Systems

Screen Vue.Com

Mega Sports Camp.Com

Lee Strobel.Com

Zondervan Church Source.Com


Church Doctor.Org

Creatures of Creation.Org



Servant Evangelism.Com


Erwin McManus.Com

Faith Weaver.Com

Christian Book.Com

Anthony Coppedge.Com

True Well.Com

Faith Highway.Com

Speak! Creative

Site Wrench.Com

Buzz Conference.Com

Kyros Entertainment.Com

The P.E.A.C.E. Plan

Moody Conferences.Com

Outreach Magazine.Com

America's Most Innovative Churches List


Pod Point.Net

Wired Churches.Com

Tony Morgan Live.Com

Dare 2 Share.Org

Sermon Central.Com

Brad Powell Online.Com

Church Dare.Com

Real Live Preacher.Com

Church Marketing Sucks.Com

Church World Direct.Com

Christian Hang Suite.Com

Crosswalk's Bible Study Tools

Church Square.Com

Get Right Church Blog

The Church Report.Com

Smart Christian .Com

End Times Bible Prophecy

Rhema Media Network

The Contreversial Pulpit Pimps.Org

Audio Bible Online

The Spurgeon Archive

Search God's Word.Org

MMO's Church and Business Directory

US Black's Church Page

How to Start a Gospel Station

Gospel Artist Network

Spire Resources

Micro Boards

Tennessee Churches

American Churches Directory

Church USA.Com

Cell Church Online

The Ministry Toolbox

Church Growth Links

Google's Church Planting Results

Christianity Freebies


Gospel City Forums

Phone Tree.Com

Ethnic Harvest-Urban/Multicultural Ministry

Higher Ground Ministries

Tabernacle of Praise Church Alabama

Churches in Las Vegas.Com

Bride of Christ Robes

Pilgrim Cathedral of Atlanta

Bust-A-Move Monday.Com

Religion News Service

Richmond Baptist Association

Kingdom Sake Media Solutions

Bible Places Blog

Women in Ministry.Net

Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem

Beth-El Temple Church of Christ

Parakletos Ministries

Pastor Courtney Pope

Family Praise Center.Net

Acts Church Ministries

Faith Ministries Center Church

Mount Pleasant Church

Spirit of Prophecy Church

Calvary Victory Church

Ministry Web Development Specialists

Even More Ministry Links

CCC Music Group

John Stoddart.Com


Arms of Christ Tabernacle

Gospel Power.FM

Good News Web Designers Association

Church 2000.Com

Faith Found.Com

Christian World Daily

Free Bible Study Software

Matthew Henry Complete Bible Commentary

In The Faith.Com

The Bible Source.Com

AM 940.Com

Gospel Play-If These Hips Could Talk!

James Hall and Worship and Praise

Worship Here.Org

Impact Christian Books.Com

The Bible Gateway




Bible Studies Foundation


Meta Church.Com

Urban Gospel Aliiance

Christian Heritage Works.Com

Preachers Page

Awesome Business Directory

Ministry Resource Links

Great Education.Com

Gospel Video Express

Start Church.Com

Church Plants.Com


Powell Gospel.Com

Mats International

Youth Ministry Links

Axiom Records

MisLinks.Org-Mission Links

Ministry Helps.Com



Google's Church Planting Results

Christian Church Directory

Church Planting Links


Search Christianity


Christian Links by the Dozen

Christian Search Engine

Preach It.Org

Church Extension.Org

New Church Ministry.Org

HCO Architects

A. G. Media Group

Resourcing Christianity.Org

Design For Ministry.Com

Christian Comedian "Chocalate"

Stewardship Resources.Org

His-Net Christian Network

Christian Answers

Injoy's Effective Leadership

Forbes Article on Megachurches

Leadership Network

Theology Website.Com

God Online-The Ultimate Christian Portal

My Christian Web

580+ Virtual Ministry Referal Links

Seminary Viewer

Christians Net.Com

New Morning TV

The CS Monitor

CSI Inspirational

The Mid-South Christian Examiner

Our Church.Com


Church Growth Today

Church Executive Links

Heartlight Magazine

Daily Devotional

Google's "Divinity School Directory"

Master's Divinity School


Living the Natural Way

RTT Global

Soul Brothers Production Company

St. Louis Gospel.Com

The Love Clinic.Com

Christ Embassy Online

Jewel Tankard

Yeshua Sportswear


Ambassador Family Church


United Methodist Church

Study Bible Forum.Com

Black Gospel Lyrics

Extreme Gen.Org

Christian Gaming

Christian Spotlight's Guide to Games

Christian Centered Game Reviews

Christian Family Forum

Ministries Net Internet Church Directory

Religion News.Com-Theological Research/Studies Only!

Virtual Religion Index-Theological Research/Studies Only!

University of Florida's Religion Studies-Theological Research/Studies Only!

Come to Our Church.Com

Victory Christian Center Alberta, Canada

Forest Hill Community Church Memphis

Knowing Him Online.Com

Digi Tracts.Com's Links


Global Mapping

World Harvest International

Online Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Toolbox.Com

Aidan's Comfort Collars

Gospel Dream.Net

Tyler Perry.Com

Mt. Zion Baptist Church -Greensboro

Christianity Links

Virtual Christianity Links

Gospel Music Choice

Philosophy Resources-Theologians

The Worldwide Christian Marketplace

Hasani Pettiford

Light Records.Com

Explore Faith.Org


Church Web Stop.Com

Top Baptist Links

University City COGIC

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

Business Reform.Com

Selling Among Wolves.Com

Business Proverbs.Com

Crown Financial Ministries

Strategic Christian Services

Vision Publishing

Family Life.Com

Left Behind.Com

Florida Baptist Convention's Links

Mississippi Religious Directory

Joseph Walker Ministries Itinerary

The Gospel Zone's Press Page

Mercy Ministries

WAVA/WBS Stations-Churches

Christian Sites

Kids Church.Com

Charisma News Service

Christian Family Fellowship

New York's Christian Radio

Compassionate Outreach Ministries

Church World Direct

Christian E-Buy.Com

Tampa Bay Christian Network

Texas Annual Conference United Methodist Church

Pat Francis.Org

The Directory of Directories

Black Church Links

Cush City Online Church Listings

Google's Sermon Links

Black Gospel-1,600+ Links

Google's Christianity Directory

Google's Christian Directories Page

Christian Links.Com

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Truth Media

Gospel Favorite Sites

Gospel News

College of Preachers Links

National Council of Churches

Campus Crusade for Christ

Megachurch Nationwide Listings

Where to Worship Church Directory

Church List USA

Church Folk.Com

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The Worship Network

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Preaching Today.Com

Black Sermons.Com

Free Sermon.Com

Black Gospel.Com

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Gospel Music Links

Live Gospel/Christian Radio Stations

WBBP-AM 1480-Memphis

Hallelujah 95.7 FM

WLOK-1340 AM Memphis

Ken's Gospel Crib

Gospel Chat.Com

Mary Frances Varallo Min.

The Hope Connection

Brigada's Online Web Evangelism

700 Club

Christian Internet Search


Christian Radio.Com

D&C Multimedia

Ministry Media.Com

Fowler Inc.

Church Media.Net


Arks Web Ministries


Christian Debate

Pure Christians.Org

Church Video Association

Youth Linc.Org

International Christian Directory

Faith Webbin.Net

Christian Coalition of America

Religion Online

The Grant Center

The Word Network-Urban Religous Channel

Bible Network News

The Black Church Page

Zondervan's Church Leader Internet Portal

Gospel City.Com

Crosswalk Christian Directory

Christianity Today


Christian Portals.Com

Cross Search.Com

Best of the Christian Web

Cybergrace Christian Network

Cross Daily.Com

Christ Sites.Com

Sermon Central-Over 50,000 Sermons

Injoy.Com/John Maxwell

Charismatic Central

American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Memphis Theological Seminary

Charles Spurgeon Online

Jonathan Edwards Online

Baptist Top 1000 Directory

Christian Top 1000 Directory

Sermon Links.Com

Links Page-Miracle Deliverance

Free Christian Mall/Jobs

Preachers Page-Free Sermons

Harrison House Publishers

Strang Communications

Oral Roberts University

Sky Angel Broadcasting


International Television and Evangelism

Christian Best.Com

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Gospel Today Magazine

Black and Christian.Com

Net Ministries.Com

711 Christian Directory

Christians Unite.Com

Seek God.Org

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Blue Letter Bible

Our Daily Bread

All Saints Bible College

Barna Research


Legacy Publishers International

Portable Baptistry.Com

Christian Music

National Center for Black Philanthropy

Mobilization of the Church.Com

The Knot.Com-Wedding Resources

Rev. Magazine

Preaching Plus.Com

The Pastoral Search Network

Fish the Net Evangelistic Tacklebox

Charisma Magazine Online

Ministries Today Online



SGN-The Light Gospel Radio Network

Gospel Flava.Com



Your Church Can Grow.Com


Young Urban Black Male Ministries

Religous Resources on the Net

Christian Online Community

Church Central.Com


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The Omnilist of Christian Links

Christ Pages.Net

Anointed Links

Faith Start.Com

1000 Christian Links/Database

Apostolic Links

Religion Newswriters.Com

Holy Vessels.Com

Everything Christian.Org

Youth Pastor.Com


Question This.Com

Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship

Preachers Magazine

Christian History

Church Executive Magazine

Church Growth Networks

Message Magazine

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

African-American Ministry Resources

Gospel Tracts

Zillions of Gospel Links

Worldwide Study Bible

What the Bible Says About

Higher Praise.Com

Preachers Page

Christian Bookseller's Association

Christian Resources on the Net

Serve Him.Com

Open Directory-Christian Directories

Encyclopedia of Christian Links

Abide in Christ Links

The Divinity Library-Vanderbilt University

The Divinity Library-Duke University

The Divinity Library-Yale University

The Divinity Library-Harvard University

The Divinity Library-Howard University

Theological Libraries

Divinity Library Reference Guide

The Association of Theological Schools

American Theological Library Association

American Religion Data Archive

Denominational Links

Prophetic Links

Prophetic Resource Page

Christian Megasites

Prophecy Central

Black Gospel Radio .Net


New Man Magazine


Sermon Ideas.Com

Global Strategy Conference

The African-American Pulpit

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Theology Web

Theological Studies.Org

Rain International

More Ministry Links

Kingdom Sonship Overcomers Links

The New Testament Gateway

World Gospel Network

Dynamic Christian Links

Church Based Training Resources

World's Religion Statistics

Total Living Network

Spirit Led Woman

Evangelism Links

Christian Links

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The Christian Music Database

Gospel Search

Guideposts Online

The Upper Room

Christian Search Directories

Desperate Preacher.Com

Ultimate Christian Resource Center

The Gospel Banner Exchange

Church Directory by New Hope Friendship

Connection Magazine

National Religious Broadcasters


Prophecy Links

Faith to Finance.Org

The Prophetic Word

Spiritual Warfare Ministries

1-800-The Word

123 Christian Business Directory

Arlington Churches.Com


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Gospel Wire.Com

Black Gospel Artists

Rainbow Push

Ministry Links

Televangelist Links

More Ministry Links

Faith Resource Center

Ministry Careers

Bible Quizzes.Com

The Church Channel

Urban Ministries

Theological Links


Bryant Designs

Glory of Zion Links

Revival Links


The Praise Net

Lesea Broadcasting

Bible Believers.Com

D. Blackmon Broadcasting

Christian Book.Com

Lifeway-Biblical Solutions for Life

Lifeway Christian Stores

Thomas Nelson Publishing

Holy Hip Hop.Com

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