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Memphis Minority Online.Com's Mid South Diversity Pages has become the ideal place for companies to advertise and reach the Diversity Marketplace in the Mid-South. This marketplace is growing at breakneck speed. The ethnic marketplace alone will represent 40% of the nation's population by the year 2020 and the spending power of minorities will exceed $2 Trillion Dollars by the year 2007. The Diversity Marketplace's scope is enormous when Women and the Disabled are added along with the Ethnic Marketplace, which is growing at 7 times the rate of the white population in the United States.

Companies that are cognizant of our country's changing demographics would be very wise to adjust their marketing campaigns to reach the Diversity Marketplace. The question of the hour for many firms will be, Whose eyes are you viewing the world through? The dilemma for most major firms is that their advertising campaigns do not adequately address the Diversity Maketplace which accounts for a lot of most firm's consumerbase. Memphis Minority Online.Com/Mid South Black.Com will allow firms to reach the Diversity Marketplace in the Mid-South for the low cost of $20/Year which will cover a listing, and a weblink in the Diversity Directory of Memphis Minority Online.Com/Mid South Black.Com's Mid South Diversity Listings. A listing in the Diversity Directory will signify that your firm is committed to reaching and supporting the Diversity Marketplace in the states of Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. Contact us to place your ad! Our e-mail address is editor@memphisminorityonline.com. Thanks in advance for your patronage!


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